Beauty and the Geist

Worlds apart, linked at heart, souls adrift yet bound.

Princess Light of Dawn has been watching over the souls of five siblings ever since their mother died, but she wonders if they’re real or just her imagination. With her own concerns and pressing needs, this old burden is a waste of time. But her visions will not go away simply because she wills it, and her life becomes entwined with the Children.

Prince Yosha, young and confused, participated in the plot that killed his father and allowed a madman to unleash horror on the world. The self-titled Eidolan Night left the young man forever scarred and now seeks to unravel the universe for his own pleasure, starting with the kingdom he once served. Yosha will do anything to redeem himself, but can he ever forgive himself?

Join the adventure through multiple worlds, cultures, and wars as good and evil battle once more.

Available Entries:

The Water Feline<-->Swords and Sigils

2 responses to Beauty and the Geist

  1. mjkj

    Quite interesting…

    *looking forward to reading the story*


  2. Skturrentine

    Twenty minutes is a long time to wait.

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